Key West & Florida Keys Wedding Music Testimonials

We hired Rusty sight unseen and unheard since we were doing a destination wedding in Key West. We wanted to have some live music for the Groom’s dinner the night before our big day. Needless to say, hiring Rusty was one of the best decisions we made for the whole weekend. Rusty’s musical talent and range of genres was perfect for the party and had most of the guests declaring it one of the most fun groom’s dinners they’ve been to. He has an extensive play list and gladly accepts song requests. Rusty was setup outside by the pool at our compound, and towards the end of paid time started to get rained on. Rusty could have easily packed up and called it a night, but instead he stayed around until the rain passed and continued to play on the porch. Everyone had a blast and I would recommend Rusty for any and all events where music is wanted and you plan to have a good time.

David Wagner

When planning our destination wedding in Key West music was a must especially since my now husband, Steve is a musician. We actually thought finding the right musician might be tough. Needless to say, it wasn’t because we found Rusty Lemmon! From the first “meeting” all was made easy because of Rusty. We also did a little research on him as well, found some videos on the internet and discovered he is wonderful talent! His song list was more than impressive and other than a few songs we particularly requested, the other songs he selected to play truly captured the mood we wanted for our wedding. Plus he also learned three songs for us that he truly mastered. Wilco and Tom Waits would be proud. Our guests were equally impressed and we heard often “oh he’s really good…where’d you find him” and as more than one of my girlfriends asserted, “he’s not bad on the eyes either”. And to Rusty, many thanks for making our wedding ceremony and reception one that we will cherish for many years to come

Ann Kelly Anthony

Our wedding planner recommended Rusty when we were looking for someone to play our wedding. We went down to Key West for a planning trip and went to see him play at the Casa Marina while we were there — we were sold! Rusty played solo for our ceremony, and then his band played our reception. They were great, and we received many compliments from guests on the band. The band even learned a few songs for us. Everyone had a great time, and we’re very grateful that Rusty and his band helped make our wedding extra special. We’ll definitely be stopping by to enjoy his music and buy him a drink when we’re back in Key West!

Lamar Sellers

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